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Is your coffee making you gain weight?…

Most of us have coffee everyday (or multiple times per day!) but how does this impact your weight/fat loss, if that’s what you’re into 🙂


I am a black coffee drinker….. Double Shot, probably 3 per day. It’s a fair amount of caffeine but it’s my one small thing, I don’t do softdrink or juice so coffee it is!


So, lets talk milk

Almond, Soy, Lite/Skim, Coconut, Fulll Cream

Whats the difference apart from the obvious dairy/nondairyness


Comparison based on 1 x 250ml Serve

Almond Unsweetened – 40 Calories

Soy – 134 Calories

Skim Milk – 105 Calories

Coconut Unsweetened – 61 Calories

Full Cream – 167 Calories


OK so, if you have 2 coffees per day with full cream milk, you are potentially adding an extra 334 Calories to your daily intake. Guys, that’s a whole meal. A whole extra meal of calories in a drink (a fabulous drink) but a drink nonetheless.


Whereas a black coffee has just 3-4 calories.


I am not silly, this is not going to make you stop drinking coffee, that would be crazy and totally insane!


However, those extra calories can add up, say you have a cookie with your morning coffee, you could be up another 200cal. Considering the recommended “average” daily calorie intake for women is approx 1300 calories, that could be 38% of your daily calories taken up with 2 coffees and a cookie!


This is not to say coffee or milk is bad. They’re great. Just giving you some calorie info.



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