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Day on a plate + Fast Food comparisons!

Today we are comparing calories with calories! Pure numeric value only, based on MyFitness Pal’s accuracy, I have picked the closest option I could find.


Please note that this is not to say one food is better than another (although c’mon we’re not that silly are we?).


So here we have my day on a plate, my whole day, everything I ate, I did not include coffee, I was going too but after my 3rd long black I thought it would be best not to keep track of how many I consume ….




5 am

Early morning starts means a snack before starting, always an apple, its always been an apple and will forever be an apple I think. The crispness wakes me up. And yes its a Granny Smith and I know they’re “Cooking Apples” I love them though 🙂

80 Calories



Breakfast. Such a creature of habit. Breakfast Mon-Fri is 3/4 cup Oats and 1 Tbs Chia Seeds soaked in 3/4 cup almond milk and a dollop of Greek Yoghurt. In the morning I top it with 3/4 cup Berries heated in the microwave.

443 Calories



Mid Morning Snack

Banana Bread from Sophie Guidolin’s “The Bod” + a Green tea.

217 Calories


Lunch! The quicker I can make lunch the better! Kojac noodles are seriously the best. They take 2 minutes in boiling water. I almost always have cooked chicken in the fridge and tinned tomatoes are well stocked in my pantry! Yummy chicken pasta!

213 Calories



Afternoon Snack was a Salted Caramel shake by Happy Way and a banana. I am not normally a shake person but when I know I will be working late and I wont be able to eat anything for a while I gotta make sure I get something in!

170 Calories



Dinner, Honey Mustard Chicken, recipe of my own creation with rice and steamed broccolini.

347 Calories


My entire day adds up to 1470 calories.




What can you get in Fast Food for 1470 Calories…..

Based on my limited knowledge I have based these comparisons around what I believe this is considered a general “meal”.


Hungry Jacks

Whopper with Cheese 776 Calories

Small Fries 267 Calories

Medium Coke 179 Calories

Chocolate Sundae 430 Calories

Total 1652 Calories

Thats more than my entire day in 1 meal. So add in breakfast, lunch, snacks, if you ate this for dinner you could be consuming well over 2200 Calories per day!



Zinger Burger 425 Calories

Regular Chips 217 Calories

Frozen Pepsi 164 Calories

Total 806 Calories

KFC didnt have a dessert on their website that I could find but still. Half your daily intake in 1 meal.



Cheeseburger 301 Calories

Small Fried 205 Calories

Hot Apple Pie 231 Calories

Small Coke 102 Calories

Total 839 Calories

Lets say you decide to go a double Cheese Burger and a medium Fries and a medium coke that brings the total to 1122 Calories


Now for the really interesting one, just as a side note. WINE


I have chosen Jacobs creek Sparkling Moscato. There is 120 Calories per 150 ml serve. This wine comes in a 750ml bottle. If you drink a bottle that’s 610 calories. Half a days worth of food. Its easy to see how that few glasses a week can add up and hinder your progress or, result in weight gain.


Hope you have found this interesting!




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