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Love raw treats? Love chocolate? Read below!

I LOVE a good Protein Ball or Raw Treat. They taste AMAZING! I also LOVE a bit of chocolate.


So, which is better for you??


Now I am sure you said the Protein Ball right? Well that depends. Am I choosing it because I think its healthier, that it will help keep me on track to lose weight?




Fat loss generally boils down to calories in vs calories out. ie what you eat vs what you burn off. IF you consistently consume more than you expend that results in a gain, if you consistently expend more than you consume that results in a loss (certain medical conditions aside and assuming proper diet and exercise etc)


So, say I make these protein balls –


Which I am sure are delicious!


The nutritional info of these balls are –


Energy – 806kj (193 cal)

Fat – 9.8g

Protein – 2.6g

Carbs from sugar – 19.3g

Total Carbs – 26.6g



Thats right PER BALL. Now who stops at just 1 ball? Seriously its like they make them for it to be impossible to eat just one. So lets say you have 2 – thats almost 400 calories!!!

Lets compare this to Cadbury Oreo Mint Chocolate.

The nutritional info for a serve of Cadbury Oreo Mint chocolate is –


Energy – 533kj (128 cal)

Fat – 7.5g

Protein – 1.3g

Carbs from sugar – 11.4g

Total Carbs – 12.8g

This is for 4 pieces, so 1 row


Lets compare the two –

Cadbury Chocolate has 65 calories LESS per serve than a Date and Coconut Ball

Cadbury Chocolate has 2.3g of Fat LESS than the Date and Coconut Ball

The Date and Coconut ball has 1.3g more protein

Cadbury Chocolate has 7.9g of Carbs from Sugar LESS than the Date and Coconut Ball

Cadbury Chocolate has 13.8g of Total Carbs LESS than the Date and Coconut Ball


SO then if we assume you have 2 date balls equaling 386 calories you could really have 12 pieces of Cadbury Chocolate for the same amount of calories…..



That Chocolate is better for you than a Date ball or that you should consume lost of chocolate 😉

That the nutrients are equal

That eating either will cause weight loss/gain



That you should read nutrition panels and understand serving sizes

That what you consider ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ should also take into account a balanced lifestyle and calorie value

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