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Sugar? Rice Malt Syrup? Honey? Which one is best?…

Rice Malt Syrup is the thing right now, buy any Protein Ball, Raw Slice or anything sweet from an organic cafe and its probably got Rice Malt Syrup in it. Since the “I Quit Sugar” stuff their sales have probably increased tenfold.


So whats the low down on sugar? Sugar is often hidden in ingredients lists by calling it things other than sugar. Sugar, dextrose, glucose, sucrose, maltose… you get the picture. OR its just listed as a natural ingredient which has some kind of sugar in it, i.e you wouldn’t list the ingredients of an apple, you just call it an apple 🙂


In comparing standard Sugar, Rice Malt Syrup and Honey I am not saying one is better than the other or that you should pick any particular one. All I am doing today is comparing calories for calories.


Lets start with Sugar

Serving size is 1 Teaspoon (4g) which is 16 cal

Ingredients are 100% Cane Sugar


Rice Malt Syrup

Serving Size is 10g (about 1 tsp) which is about 32 cal

Ingredients are 100% Organic Brown Rice



Serving Size is 25g (about 1 tbs) which is 84 cal

Ingredients are 100% Honey


So if we do some math (I know what!!!) We can work out that to make this a bit more comparable 10g of honey (approx 1 tsp) is equal is 37 calories.


So if we compare them all based on a teaspoon worth

Sugar – 16cal

Rice Malt Syrup – 32cal

Honey – 37cal


A 10g serve of each equals –

10g of sugar – 40cal

10g of Rice Malt Syrup – 32cal

10g of Honey – 37cal

this looks like –


So if you look at this I can practically hear you shouting that you wouldn’t add THAT much sugar to your oats or your tea or whatever but you don’t really think about adding a teaspoon of honey or a teaspoon of Rice Malt Syrup because its ‘healthier’ right?


Well, if you’re adding a teaspoon of sugar vs a teaspoon of honey, calorie wise you’re possibly better off with the sugar!

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