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Its Wine O’Clock

I popped up a little post up for my Mini Challenge ladies over the weekend regarding wine.

I know a lot of people love a glass or 2 but how many of you actually know how many calories are in your glass?

I’ve got a little comparison chart below for you based on calories only.

So, a few glasses a week is normal and ok as part of a balanced lifestyle but if your glasses are more on the daily (or your weekend has a few more) you can see how they can add up quickly.

Even a glass a day adds over 800 calories to your weekly intake. Considering it takes 3500 calories to lose 500g of fat you would need a calorie deficit of 4300 per week to lose fat and keep up the daily glass.

On the flip side, an excess consumption of 3500 equals a fat gain of 500g. So, your daily glass could be adding 100g of fat per week, not much in a week but over time, this could be that 5kg you just cant seem to lose …

Now, fat loss is not as simple as this, you need to fuel your body correctly, take into account exercise and metabolism and a variety of things BUT if you are looking to lose weight cutting out alcohol OR limiting to 1-2 glasses per week will definitely make a difference.

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