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Christmas Holiday Balance Guide

Christmas is a time to enjoy friends, family, food and have fun. I am certainly not here to tell you otherwise! Anyone who knows me knows I love food and I am definitely not one to skip on dessert BUT Chirstmas can be a time where the regular balance goes out the window.

Firstly, remember that Christmas is one day, one day will not make or break your progress, however days or weeks of busy schedules, parties, stress, less sleep, less exercise, these can all put a halt to it if not kept in check.

We all know the benefits of making sure we eat well, exercise and get enough rest but during the holidays our priorities can shift and we end up wishing we had kept up some of our regular routine.

Regular exercise reduces stress, improves our mood, helps us sleep better, we make healthier food choices and gives us some time out, all of these things we need even more when we have a hectic schedule, so Christmas is no time to drop the ball!

So how can we keep up some of our habits?

1 – Realise it won’t be perfect. Don’t put pressure on yourself to eat 100% or train every day. If your priority that day is time at the beach with the family then do it. If its cuppa and a piece of cake with nanna don’t sweat it. Just do what you can.

2 – Plan ahead. If you know you’re going out and planning on a few beverages make sure you have a well rounded breakfast and lunch to keep you full and consider your options, maybe a vodka soda is better aligned to your goals than a cocktail.

3 – Remember your portion sizes. Have dessert but maybe not a whole plate? Try to have more vegetables and salads with your meals and less of the high calorie foods that commonly make an appearance at Christmas like potato salad or coleslaw.

4 – Drink plenty of water. This will make you feel fuller and keep you hydrated. It will also help you feel more awake and less likely to reach for the 3pm sugar rush.

5 – Be mindful of your snacks. I love a grazing platter as much as the next person but these can be a hot mess of hidden calories when you pick at it over a period of time. Load up your platters with fruits and veggie sticks.

6 – Start the day active. A 15-20 minute walk will set you up for the day and fresh air does wonders. Maintaining even a small amount of activity over the break is better than throwing in the towel.

Christmas should be enjoyed but it should not derail your progress. Even if you have a blob day (scientific term for zero exercise, zero motivation and less than ideal food choices) just pick back up the next day and move on.

Have a great Christmas everyone !

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