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Getting back on track

How do you get back on track when you’ve fallen off the wagon?

This time of year is a tricky one. On one hand a lot of people are spurred on by the Resolutions they made at New Years, on the other, many people find the thought of work, routine and the end of the holidays rather boring in comparison to the busy, fun and family filled time they’ve just had.

So how do you get back to it?

  1. Make a list of things you would love to do each day. All of it. Go into detail. What is your ideal day? Do you wake up at 7am and go for a walk? What do you have for breakfast? Once you know what your ideal day is you can start working towards it. Writing things down is powerful.
  2. Start! Start with something, anything, and build on it. Motivation and dedication tend to build momentum once you just start. Whether that’s just making sure you get 10,000 steps per day to start with or ensuring you eat a good breakfast at home before work.
  3. Realise that sometimes it will be hard. If you’ve been in that groove before remember how good it felt to be active and eat well? Use that. If you don’t feel that way now that is your reason to get up and do it. Some days you will not want to! But ask yourself will I actually feel better if I don’t go?
  4. Schedule. Look at your week, where do you have time and how much time do you have? If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes before picking kids up maybe a trip to the gym isn’t quite going to work. A walk or quick at home HIIT might be a better option.
  5. Get Help. If you’re juggling all of the balls you will drop one sooner or later without some help. You do not need to do it all on your own. Ask your partner to help with the kids, find a gym buddy, try a meal prep service.

You can do this! x

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