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Getting back on track

How do you get back on track when you’ve fallen off the wagon? This time of year is a tricky one. On one hand a lot of people are spurred on by the Resolutions they made at New Years, on the other, many people find the thought of work, routine and the end of the […]


Christmas Holiday Balance Guide

Christmas is a time to enjoy friends, family, food and have fun. I am certainly not here to tell you otherwise! Anyone who knows me knows I love food and I am definitely not one to skip on dessert BUT Chirstmas can be a time where the regular balance goes out the window. Firstly, remember […]


Why you may not be losing weight

We have the Wonderful Emma from Smart Analysis (Look her up here) in our studio next week to kick off our next 8 Week Challenge and I thought this would be a FABULOUS time to give you guys a run down on body composition! So, we’ve all weighed ourselves right! Maybe the scales were kind that […]


Overtraining? YES it is a thing!

We all want results right?    We want to lose weight quickly!   Build muscle and tone up fast!   We want it NOW! We dont want to work on it for 12 months, we want it yesterday!   Yeah? Of course you said yes!     So you know working out once per week […]


I want to Tone Up

“I want to be more toned’ I hear this line everyday. I don’t think I have had a client yet who hasn’t told me that they want to be more toned. BUT what does this really mean?!?!   According to the definition of toned is –   verb (used with object), toned, toning. – to sound with a particular tone. – to give the proper tone to (a musical instrument). – to modify the tone or general coloring of. – to give the desired tone to (a painting, drawing, etc.). – Photography. to change the color of (a print), especially by chemical means. […]


Not a “Morning Person” ? Read this to take charge of your day!

I know some people are just NOT Morning People!   ESPECIALLY not before their Coffee!!!   Fortunately I am not one of those people.   I AM a morning person. Hooray!       I love mornings, I get SO much more done in the morning than in the afternoon, I always say you could […]