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In our studio you're not one of 500 or 1,000 members. You're one of a select group of ladies who will welcome you with open arms into our little Total Body family. We accept and support you and we're there for you when you need us. 


A fitness group that feels like family

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What they're saying about us...


Love going there! It is motivating and even when I don't want to go I feel great afterwards! It keeps me accountable, whereas a gym just takes your money and don't care if you don't show up. Jenni is lovely and makes every workout different and the time just flies! 

Kerry, adelaide

Jen is awesome, very encouraging and pushes me to the best I can do. I'm really enjoying having Jen as my PT and also enjoy the classes. Perfect size classes with like-minded ladies.

June, adelaide

Teila, adelaide

Highly recommended Jenni to anyone. Lovely bunch of girls to workout with. Finally gaining my confidence back I've only been with Jenni for a few weeks but I'll be sticking here. So much better than a gym.

Elise, adelaide

I finally got out of my comfort zone and couldn't be happier. It's an amazing workout with some pretty awesome chicks and a totally awesome trainer.

Cass, adelaide

Best thing I've done joining the Total Body group classes. I'm so much fitter and stronger. Jen and the other ladies make it comfortable to be yourself and everyone is so friendly. Would recommend to anyone thinking about joining.

Sharelle, adelaide

Couldn't speak more highly of Jen/Total Body PT. Myself and Mum joined in January 2017 and it has been an amazing experience with a great bunch of encouraging gals. Thanks Jen for all your hard work that goes into each and every one of us!!

Olivia, adelaide

Love Love Love!!!! Jenni is amazing! All the girls are amazing! Highly recommend if you're looking for a fun, friendly, all-women environment to get fitter and healthier. Give Total Body PT a go! It's been the best decision for me personally! You won't regret it!!!

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Not quite ready to join the group scene? I offer individual and small group sessions which are perfectly customised to suit your needs and fitness level. Click below to learn more about my private sessions. 

Our classes are focused on helping you to lose fat, build muscle and enjoy the process! All classes are suitable for all fitness levels from our "just getting back into it mummas" to our "sporty sistas" and everything in between.

Our challenges have produced amazing results over the last few years. Not only is training included, but custom meal plans designed to help you learn about food for a long-term approach to meet your goals.